• Drama has got to stop

    Here it is!! Black & White… you may not like it but here’s the facts. Most of the older generations done the bank lines, limb lines, yoyo’s, jugs and trotlines. 

    Back in the day that’s how we had to eat. Regardless if you bank lines, jug fish or rod and reel fish we all have the same possession limit with the exception of commercial fishermen.

    Every method of fishing has the potential of taking more fish than allowed. Now I’m going to tell you a little secret, I like Jug fishing. I stay with my jugs and at Silver Lake in highland I catch allot of bullheads which have no limits on but Most of my Channel catfish are over 5 and even ten pounds with a few under 5 but I release any channel catfish over 5 pounds.
    I use jugs to test bait enhancers or other baits against Shad or other panfish to determine if their claims are valid (I:e 15 Shad 15 enhancer) 
    Regardless I bought my license and have that right as long as I play by the rules. NOW with that being said I’m all for conservation it needs stricter rules but screaming and yelling and cussing someone is not going to win you any popularity contest. I used ALL methods of fishing way back and I took a beating by a few holier than thou but not by Lyle Stokes we had many many conversations talking about this and that changing the methods and thoughts about CPR and some of the fishing methods. 
    Your not going to Change someone’s mind yelling, screaming and being an asshole. 

    Folks if you disagree with someone’s methods PM them and have a adult respectable conversation with them you might be surprised. Until then.

  • Official TFB Raffle info

    Raffle Ticket Information

    1. Must be 18 and up to play.

    2. All items to Raffle are donated including cash amounts.

    3. ALL cash will be combined into 1 draw.

    4. No set amount of tickets someone can buy.

    5. Ticket prices can be $1.00 each or 5 tickets for $4.00 some raffles will be $5.00 each or 5 for $20.00 this will set before any of our raffles.

    6. Prizes and ticket prices will ALWAYS be on the website and at drawing location.

    7. No Refunds or returns,

    8. Depending on how many sponsors that donated determines how many places their are and will be posted on our website and drawing site.

    9. We video ALL drawings and post them to our website as a permanent record.

  • Official Raffle Rules

    These are the official “Team Fat Boyz” Raffle Rules.

    1. Must be 18 or older to play
    2. Items for Raffle(s)  are donated and will be listed by value of packages.
    3. Raffle may be more than 3 packages, if 10 donors may be 10 draws up to Raffle director, their will be a brochure that shows prices and number of draws.
    4. Ticket sales end at posted times listed on the brochure or http://teamfatboyz.com
    5. If at fishing tournament drawing starts after 1st place winner of tournament is announced.

  • Raffle update

    Just a update on the raffle. We have a few donations in already and more coming in like Driftmaster Rod Holders and Hookers Tackle. Contacted a few more and I’m negotiating on some cash donations I hope pan out for the grand prize.

    If you wish to donate you have until April 15 2017 when I get the tickets printed, last ticket sold and post dated by September 28 2017 and the Drawing will be December 3 2017 live on Catfish Weekly internet show on http://catfishweekly.com 7:00 Pm.

    Tickets will be available in person by Team Fat Boyz members or online http://teamfatboyz.com on the donate icon on the upper left hand corner of the page. Tickets bought this way need to add 72 cents to cover envelope and postage up to 10 tickets can be placed in one envelope.

    We will keep you updated as information needs to be updated.

  • Carlyle Lake, IL Catfish Tournament

    Team Fat Boyz will fishing our first catfish tournament at Carlyle Lake Saturday March 25th launching from Coles Creek. We will also be selling 50/50 tickets for our non for profit charity


    Just type in Team Fat Boyz

    For those who do not know what a 50/50 ticket is that’s when each person buys one or more tickets for a dollar or more depending on the pool. We sell the ticket(s) hand you the ticket you keep the ticket that says “keep This” drop the other one in the drum. The drawing will be after the 1st place awards are announced. (must be present to win)

    We hope this will be a good year 50/50 tickets We talked with Alex Nagy (Twisted Cat Outdoors) will start the 50/50 tickets.

    Their are other things in the works and remember…

  • Snagging: A Family Tradition

    Once again that time of year rolls around when the fisherman in the Ozarks return to a tradition going back generations. Here in Missouri from March 15-April 30 we think of Bills, paddlefish, spoonbill, spooners. This is the beginning of the entire fishing season for us and leads into the crappie spawns, bluecat and flathead spawns. For a month and a half, all along the rivers you’ll see men and their boys trolling slowly pulling on thick snagging rods, dragging 16-20 oz weights and gigantic treble hooks. At times there might be three generations in the same boat…grandpa telling grandson stories of snagging before the Dam was put in. 

    I still remember the first time Dad coming home with a couple of 70+ lb bills and them laying in the backyard. I was fascinated by the looks of these ancient fish and excited about the meals of deep fried spoonbill nuggets. I couldn’t wait til I was big enough to go out and pull in one of these monsters, spend time with the men listening to their stories. 

    Now years later it’s my boys turn to gaze upon the prehistoric site and dream of hooking into a behemoth. I dream of that day as well so that I can look upon the joy on his face and the pride in his chest as he becomes a man. I’ll know that the tradition of snagging will survive another generation

  • Silver Lake Highland, IL

    A baby was inside a vehicle when it went into a lake in Highland Thursday morning.
    Emergency crews were called to Silver Lake, on Highway 143, after a vehicle went into it around 5:30 a.m. Crews said they are currently working to pull the vehicle from the lake.
    Officials said they are performing CPR on the baby that was inside the car at the time of the crash.

  • Working on Fundraisers

    Team Fat Boyz is working on several fundraisers.

    First is just old fashioned donations. They can be made in person or electronically to PayPal we are set up as a business for many years. We take MasterCard and Visa  at paypal@teamfatboyz.com we also have a reader to do in person.

    The second is at any event we are at including Fishing Tournaments 50/50 tickets the tickets are $1.00 at some events will be $5.00 so the payouts get even larger. 50% goes to Team Fat Boyz and 50% goes to the winning ticket holder.

    Raffle tickets – we need a lot of products to fishing lures or tackle, clothing to guided fishing trips the more the merrier all prizes should be a minimum of $25.00 or more. The top 3 will be printed on the ticket with the other product being on the Team Fat Boyz website tickets will be $2.00 each or 3 for $5.00 something similar to that we will know when we have product then physical tickets which takes about a week to print.

    May or June we will be doing a fill the tackle box campaign at a 4 way stop where we will be at the stop signs (my fishing ladies) for a goal of $500.00.

    This one is depending of finding a location but the girls will either be doing the car wash or chamois off the vehicles for tips.

    Another is a 5 or 10 mile walkathon where participants take their sheets to others getting Sponsors to pledge $X.Xx per mile or flat donation and at the end of the miles you walk 1, 3, 5 or 10 we sign off that you walked x amount of miles then you collect from the ones that pledged x amount per mile and turn it in.

    Last is maybe getting a MC Club to do a poker run for the team. So we can get these kids outdoors. 

    I’m not sure what else we can do we just put in new officers and got our paperwork in late but we are a non-for-profit in Illinois and working on our 501(c)3 anyone willing to help get it all filled in would appreciate it.

    Any other ideas? Shoot us a PM… thanks!!