okuma (Okuma) reel CLASSIC XT CLX-450L
    Folks I have used these reels for almost 5 years I like them for the looks the feel and the dependability. There are two types, one has bushings and the other has bearings.
    When I ordered these reels I went with the cheapest model which was the model with bushings. Dave from Bottom Dwellers Tackle told me the difference and that the bushings wear with heavy use.
    However I decided to go with the cheaper one. And it has seen serious abuse that would kill most zebco reels and outlasted my Shakespeare reel.

    Just a short review it is one of the reels in me arsenal. Would I buy another one? Absolutely.
    update: Own 3 now that one of my Shakespeare spin cast laid down can’t go wrong.

  • To Close For Comfort

    in all of the videos I have posted this is by far my favorite one this was shot by Tucker-K-Owings-Professional-Angler When lightning gets to close for comfort. Im sure he soiled his britches, I know i would have.

    Authorized for use by Tucker-K-Owings-Professional-Angler


  • Pokémon go

    Today we are going to talk about the sweeping sensation hit app game “Pokémon go” this game qualifies as an outdoor activity since the game uses walking, running and any other outdoor movement.
    Yes I am 51 and play myself and many other adults because it gets you outside and that’s why it is posted here.
    There is the Pokémon stops and gyms. The Pokémon stops are places you can click on to get items you will need throughout the game such as eggs, potions and depending on your level you can get pokey balls Red/White, Blue/White and Yellow/Black.
    Walking to hatch eggs by walking and eggs can have normal or rare Pokémon in them.
    Getting out most times determine what attributes to what you may find such as water, inter city, country and around Pokémon gym, and Pokémon stops.

     Get out and play the game it really is a blast to play I play free but you can buy stuff if you want.

  • A journy backwards

    I was going through URL’s and I found one that takes me back to when we started before January 16 2012 I’m thinking it was 2011.

    Gretchen Steele did a interview with us at the Baldwin cooling lake in Baldwin, IL. We were going to be in Baldwin and that was where we were going to meet up.

    We seen Gretchen at a outdoors show and this picture was taken at that location.

    This is the website and magazine URL 


  • Trips Coming SOON

    We will be recording a few trips soon. The reason we haven’t posted more it’s just a pain in the ass to try and record reeling in a fish and not knock over a tripod.

    I am working on getting someone to record while I’m fishing or devise a camera maybe Monster rod holders can come up with one using a tripod mount fixed on a modified rod holder.

    Anyways coming up very soon should have something together 

  • Snakes & Benifits

    Hey folks been awhile since my last post but today I wanted to discuss snakes. Thier is a lot of people who say the only good snake is a dead snake, let’s visit that for a minut.

    Without snakes their would be homes that would be overrun with mice, rats and other pest. These snakes hunt and kill all the pest around your property.  Garter snakes are the most common and are totally harmless.

    While these snakes open their mouthes to strike and even bite the bites are painless and do not even break the skin. Black snakes ” Rat Snakes” are the best rodent killers there are but they will get in a chicken coup and steal a chicken egg every couple of days however their choice food is a rats or mice.

    Now the more poisonous snakes do the same but some will make you sick or even death but look that snake doesn’t want to chase you down and bite you PLEASE if you see poisonous snakes leave them alone let them do their jobs the non poisonous snakes and your sure they are non poisonous then grab them up and move them away from your yard and turn them loose.

    Imagine your house infested with rats, mice I’m sure you don’t want that. This world has checks and balances some disagree with me on that when it comes to wolves but that’s another story. Just leave the snakes be give them some room they will leave.

  • Pokémon craze

    The Pokémon craze is having fun outdoors while out walking  or bicycling trapping Pokémon’s. Some think it’s dumb and so did I until I downloaded the app just to check it out and boom I was hooked.

    I was out walking again catching Pokémon’s and incubating my Pokémon eggs by walking 5km. As you  walk along  they pop up and as yo catch them you will train them to battle other trainers with your Pokémon’s.

    If you run out of  Pokémon balls you find stations and spin the medallion and you receive random items to help you along with potions, egg incubators, eggs and Pokémon Lures  and incense  to bring them in so you can trap them, use a Lucky egg to double the points you get catching each Pokémon.

    All and all don’t listen to the negativity about the game however watch what you are doing don’t use when you are driving or walking on the sidewalk where their is a danger of stepping off the sidewalk into traffic.

  • Websites and message boards

    Anyone needing help setting up their websites need a good deal on hosting? I have a URL that I  Acquired I’m sure allot of you recognized the name. That’s because someone did a fundraiser to get the message board software and then it never went anywhere.

    And it’s for sale for the right price. After I set it up the price raises a bit and 90 days of customer support.

    I can maintain it monthly for a flat rate just ask the URL below is for sale  

    http://united forwarding.com
    I can help you choose a simple URL that is easy to remember like a couple of mine

    (Being built right now)

    (7years still working)

    http://catfish weekly.com
    (Co/Builder now sysop)

    I am quick and reasonable price send me a message and we will negotiate a deal.


  • Fishing Jersys

    We at Team Fat Boyz have decided NOT to put company names on our jerseys to advertise for free or for tiny  discounts. I see  allot of jerseys probably around 100 or so the kicker is the angler had to pay for their own jerseys. this can create many problems with people doing ignorant things and by law if the angler paid for the jersey and don’t have a contract

    I mean how many people are handed out a jersey like candy to kids, I was one of them until I realized a  epidemic of jerseys. I wear names on my jerseys are because they donate to the cause taking disabled kids and adults and let’s not forget the seniors taking them fishing or just outdoors we also provide young and disabled new or used fishing gear and tackle.

    We wear those logo’s on our jerseys with PRIDE to show the public who support and provide outdoor gear from bobbers, hooks and even tents we provide them all with a Good time and those who provide the logos and they pay for the placement and we sign a contract that we won’t do anything that embarrass  the supporter.

    I research potential supporters if they have a good reputation in the outdoor community potential web adds get researched as well.


    NO MORE FREEBIES after 7 years and well established in the outdoor community. Contact teamfatboyz65@gmail.com