Some episodes will be interviews or videos from our past as we find guest we will replace the videos

This will change when Team Fat Boyz Outdoors is online!



  1. You MUST have a web cam either on your phone or computer.
  2. If you don’t have a YouTube or Google+ account make one. If you have one then send me a friend request (+PaulRagsdale)
  3. You need to be logged into your account.
  4. Send me your email address that is attached to that account.
  5. I will then send you a link and you will click on that link.
  6. It will ask you for permission to use your Camera and microphone just click yes, it will then tell you that you are about to go live and ask if you want to proceed click yes.
  7. We will quickly go over some general topics before going live and then when we are finished with the format we will go live.
  8. After I close the show just stay in our video we will chat on how things went etc. then we will close our video chat.


Episode 00000–Pilot–December 09–2017————Tim Hardwick


Episode 00001–Jan  05–2018—Lyle Stokes   

Episode 00002–Jan 12—2018–David Adams

Episode 00003—Jan 19–2018–Paul and Casey talk about Drones 

Episode 00004–Jan  26–2018–Joshua Bourg


Episode 00005–Feb 02– 2018–Joe Jillison

Episode 00006–Feb 09– 2018–Brian Norris

Episode 00007–Feb 16– 2018–Good Eatin!! Dandelions

Episode 00008–Feb 23.–2018–Mike Moore                  


Episode 00019–Mar 02–2018–Brian Norsworthy         

Episode 00010–Mar 09–2018–Over harvesting wild edibles W/ James Quick

Episode 00011–Mar 16–2018–Brad Dyer

Episode 00012–Mar 23–2018–Chris Jenkins out on the water

Episode 00013–Mar 30–2018–David Adams


Episode 00014–Apr 06- 2018–Chris Jenkins  re-spool your reels

Episode 00015–Apr 13–2018–Paul Ragsdale With James Quick

Episode 00016–Apr 20–2018————

Episode 00017–Apr 27–2018————


Episode 00018–May 04–2018————

Episode 00019–May 11–2018————

Episode 00020–May 18–2018————

Episode 00021–May 25– 2018————

Episode 00022–May 15– 2018————


Episode 00023–Jun  01– 2018————

Episode 00024–Jun  08– 2018————

Episode 00024–Jun  15– 2018————

Episode 00024–Jun  22– 2018————

Episode 00024–Jun  29– 2018————



Episode 00025–Jul  06 –2018————

Episode 00026–Jul   13–2018————

Episode 00027–Jul   20–2018————

Episode 00028–Jul   27–2018————


Episode 00029–Aug  03– 2018————

Episode 00030–Aug  10–2018————

Episode 00031–Aug  17–2018————

Episode 00032–Aug  24–2018————

Episode 00033–Aug  31–2018————


Episode 00034–Sep   07–2018————

Episode 00035–Sep   14– 2018————

Episode 00036–Sep   21—2018————

Episode 00037–Sep   28– 2018————


Episode 00038–Oct   05– 2018————

Episode 00039–Oct   12– 2018————

Episode 00040–Oct   19– 2018————

Episode 00041–Oct   26– 2018————


Episode 00042–Nov  02– 2018————

Episode 00043–Nov  09–2018————

Episode 00044–Nov  16–2018————

Episode 00045–Nov  23–2018————

Episode 00046–Nov  30– 2018————


Episode 00047–Dec  07– 2018————

Episode 00048–Dec  14–2018————

Episode 00049–Dec  21–2018————

Episode 00050–Dec  28–2018————

Episode 00051–Jan—04–019————


Episode 00052–Jan—04–2019————


These questions are just outline questions that we might ask they wont be exactly the same


Introduce guest with their approximate location.


  1. Tell us a little about yourself…
  2. Where do you fish Lakes, Rivers Ponds?
  3. What Species of Catfish do you like to fish for?
  4. Any other Species of fish?
  5. What’s the first time you can remember fishing and do you remember where?
  6. What methods do you use for catfishing?
  7. What kind of bait do you like to use? Live, Cut bait or artificial or even attractants?
  8. Do you fish with Big Baits or smaller Baits?
  9. Do you own a boat?
  10. Do you fish primarily from? the bank or boat?
  11. Do you fish any tournaments?
  12. What Kind of Rod and Reel do you use?
  13. Do you Practice CPR? And if so at what weight do you return them back to the water?
  14. Do you try to educate people about CPR?
  15. Do you practice good conservation?
  16. Do you try to introduce youngsters to fishing?
  17. In your area have you seen the dwindling of trophy cats in your general area?


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