November 11 2017 marks a day that Paul not only caught his personal best not only once but twice. After Jason maneuvered the boat in a top secret location the lines got baited up casted out and within 15 min the rod bent over. he started cranking drawing the rod down then easing the rod up again until the fish was alongside the boat with Jason Mathena netting it after the fish tried to make a mad dash towards the prop Jason netted it for him it broke his personal best of 27 lbs and weighed in at (scaled) 53 pounds.

They continued to fish and within the next 15 the pole doubled over He grabbed the rod removing it from the rod holder and cranked down which was difficult because of the tension on the bent over rod. He struggled on getting the fish closer to the boat and as soon as he seen the boat he took another dive with Jason netting it when he got him to the surface.

Awesome day!!

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